my name is vada.

I am 25 years old, I have a Husky named Clover, I have an almost unhealthy obsession with house plants. I watch The Office too much and I am absolutely in love with Beauty. A long time ago I asked a friend of mine what his one true love was, and he said: Beauty. I was expecting perhaps a person, or a food, or something along those lines— It never occurred to me that one could actually be in love with beauty itself. But, alas, here I am in full agreement with him. Beauty is my one true love, and it always has been. I have always been attracted to beautiful people, beautiful scents, beautiful fabrics, beautifully written books and poems, beautifully made films etc… Beauty seems to be the one thing that is truly limitless. My love for beauty expresses itself through the lens of my camera, makeup brushes, my friendships, my hardships… through blank canvasses, and my obsession with art. I am incredibly passionate about helping others find beauty in themselves, through photography and cosmetics, as well as internally. I absolutely love the work I am able to do, and can’t believe I get to wake up each day and create beauty everywhere I go.


What I am Currently Obsessing Over

Fucking. House Plants.

2 months ago I had only 4 house plants, and 2 of those plants were gifts. I now I have 32 plants in my collection, and that number is only going up from here, baby!

I have created an entire morning routine around caring for all of my new plants and I cannot get enough. I have never been someone who has ever had a real morning routine. I have always been the bitch who literally wakes up 10 minutes before she has to be in the office, grabs a pair of (hopefully) clean pants, and books it out the door.

But, thanks to my newfound obsession, I wake up almost 2 hours before I need to leave the house. I make a cup of coffee. I go around to each one of my little baby plants and make sure their soil is the perfect level of moist, then I take some cute little photos of my plants for instagram, and then finally I actually sit down to put makeup on before I leave for work. Plants have given me a reason to not sleep in and be a lazy bitch. I swear I will have an entire jungle before the year is over.


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