Kieran + Dannika


Kieran + Dannika

Dogs are such a blessing, and these two were made for each other.

I had the pleasure recently to be able to go out and shoot with my dear friend Kieran. Her beautiful pup, Dannika, was recently diagnosed with cancer, and it’s unsure as to how much time she has left. The images we captured are some of my favorite images I have ever taken, and I am so happy that I could do something for a friend that might help them in a dark time. I had such a hard time narrowing down the images I wanted to share, because Dannika is truly the sweetest dog.

Fun fact - After this photoshoot we ran back to my office to hit the restroom, and the alarm to my building was set WAY earlier than I expected. I couldn’t remember my code to disarm the alarm, and then the very loud alarms started blaring– causing every dog in the nearby vicinity to lose their minds and howl. I called my boss, I called two coworkers, and finally someone answered who remembered their code to the alarm and we got the alarm to turn off but then Police showed up, assuming I was robbing the place— and yeah. It was a whole ordeal lol.

Please send all the love you are able to give to these kind souls, they could use the positivity <3