NEWS: I upgraded to a Sony a7iii

Back in 2013 a friend of mine told me he was selling his Nikon d3200 and asked if I wanted to purchase it. I had been wanting a camera for years so I jumped at the opportunity and handed over the $500 as soon as I could. Flash forward 6 years, and that camera has been with me everywhere. From my first Pride parade, to my first time leaving the country, from Iceland, to Paris, to Venice and Rome… It’s seen 12 countries. It’s seen protests, it’s seen love, it’s more than paid for itself.

For 6 years I have used the same camera, and the same lens, to capture every photo i’ve taken for clients. Needless to say, it was desperately time for an upgrade. Luckily I have a good friend (Brian, @jazzblueae) who works at Kenmore Camera and he helped me pick out the perfect camera for me. I’ve spent all summer saving for it, and I finally was able to bite the bullet (and deplete all of my savings lol) and make the big purchase.

I have never spent this much money at once before.

I have never made this big of an investment in myself and in my business.

And I am so excited to see what I can create now that, as my friend Mistie put it, my equipment matches my talent.

To celebrate the new camera, My friend Melonie and I played around and captured these fun photos together. I look forward to getting to create more in the future! Enjoy xoxo