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Yay! Vada has a YouTube Channel! My YouTube Channel’s content will focus mainly on Makeup Reviews and Tutorials, as well as product recommendations, vlogs, and other fun content. I am excited to see where it takes me, so if you like my YouTube videos, please don’t forget to hit that subscribe button so you never miss an upload!



I fell in love with photography when I was very young, and though I have only been doing it as a ‘side career’ for the last few years, it is definitely one of my biggest passions in life. Here you can find my most recent photo sessions— be sure to check back regularly as I tend to upload more galleries regularly. To inquire about scheduling your own photo session with me, please email me at



I have been really trying to get more into fashion lately— it used to be a really important part of my life and it seems to have fallen off my radar in the last few years. If I muster up the energy to post fashion related blogs and videos, you will find those posts here.



If you ever just feel the urge to get to know me a bit more, these posts offer a little bit more insight into who I am as a person. From family, to introspective thoughts and writings— delve into it all here.