Bridal Makeup artist and Photographer based in the Chelan Valley, serving Chelan, Wenatchee, Leavenworth, the Methow Valley and More. Chelan Bridal Makeup Artist, Chelan Photographer.

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Vada has done my makeup for multiple photo shoots and school dances over the years. She always takes my wishes and ideas into account, and mixes them with her creativity and skill. This results in a beautiful finished product that always leaves me feeling confident and showing off my own natural features. I will happily continue to work with Vada for future projects and big events.
— A love note from Jessica Miller
Photo by  Kara Meloy

Photo by Kara Meloy

Photo by  Kara Meloy

Photo by Kara Meloy

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Vada was my bridal makeup artist and I couldn’t have been happier. She gave me the natural look I asked for, I felt so beautiful and my look stayed on all night. She was super professional; on time, happy, down to earth and super flexible. She even gave me her water proof mascara, figuring I’d need it later! I love her!
— A love note From Stacey Polley
Photo by  Elissa Simon

Photo by Elissa Simon

Photo by Me :)

Photo by Me :)


Thanks to Vada, I looked as beautiful as I felt!

Anyone that knows me can tell you that I’m absolutely useless when it comes to make up. Aside from basic mascara, foundation, and eyebrows- I’m clueless. I also have extremely fair skin but with a neutral under tone (rather than pink or yellow).

So on top of barely having a grasp on make up skills, I have have gone my entire life (I’m pushing 30) without having an actual match to my skin in foundation. For all these reasons, plus the ease of not having to worry about it, I decided to contact Vada when it was time to look for a wedding make up artist. I was NOT disappointed!

I told her about the problems I’d always had with foundation tones and she offered to come with me to Sephora to test different tones and find a match. Not only helping her get an idea of what color/tone she’d need for me- but also helping me finally find a match I could use for special occasions or every day make up!

She explained the basics of ‘contouring’, eyeshadows, etc. and what it does for your make up/overall look- letting me decide on the look I wanted while having all the knowledge to make the best decision for me. I opted for a fairly simple but classic look- my make up was so beautiful and exactly what I wanted to see!

Even throughout the day (pictures, ceremony, more pictures) Vada continually breezed through to check my make up- never letting me get near a camera unless I looked just so! I got married in the middle of July (hot) and I’m not one to shy away from a dance floor (even hotter), I was also in the early stages of pregnancy so I was continuously hydrating and eating- through it all my make up never budged!

My lipstick stayed on (kisses and all), my foundation didn’t sweat away, my eye make up never ran (and yes, I cried). It was the most beautiful day from start to finish and, thanks to Vada, I looked as beautiful as I felt!
— A love note, from Skylar Hansford

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